Dabbing for Newbies. How to Use Dab Rigs, E-Rigs & Dab Pens

Dabbing for Newbies. How to Use Dab Rigs, E-Rigs & Dab Pens

As cannabis consumption becomes widespread, new ways of smoking it are popping up. Most people are familiar with joints, blunts, and pipes, but one of the emerging trends is dabbing. Dabbing refers to the process of ingesting concentrated cannabis forms by putting portions of cannabis on a hot surface so that vapor is formed. These concentrated forms of cannabis, also known as dabs, come in a range of textures. You may dab cannabis concentrates by using various dab tools like dab rigs, e-rigs, and dab pens. Unlike pipes and joints, which might cause you to inhale debris, dabbing provides pure and potent smoke.

Introduction to Dab Rigs

A dab rig is one of the major tools for dabbing. It has a structure that almost resembles a bong, but some of its features are different. To use a dab rig, you apply some dab onto a heated fixture of the dab rig, following which vapor is formed. The critical components of a dab rig include the rig, nail, carb cap, dabber, and torch.

Rig: the rig is the basic structure that enables you to dab your concentrated cannabis valuables. It’s made up of varied fixtures and materials.

Nail: this is the fixture that is heated, and upon which concentrated cannabis forms are applied so that vapor is formed. Dabbing typically involves massive levels of heating, and so, the nail is typically made of robust materials like quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Some nails might have various attachments that boost functionality.

Carb cap: you know how the saucepot is covered with a lid to enhance the flavor of whatever is being cooked, carb caps work in a sort of similar way. Carb caps are usually made of quartz and titanium and are installed atop the nail to minimize pressure and boost heat retention, which improves the flavor of the smoke.

Dabber: this tool helps with handling, manipulating, and applying dabs onto the nail so that vapor is formed. Dabbers are typically long and spoon-shaped at the end, and they save you the stress of handling cannabis concentrates with your hands, as they are usually sticky.

Torch: when dabbing conventionally, the nail is heated to superior temperatures with a dab torch, and the torch is usually fuelled by butane or propane. Considering that these torches produce enormous temperatures, you need to be super-cautious when handling them.

How to Use a Dab Rig

As a newbie, you may be overwhelmed by the techniques and the range of accessories that you must handle. However, like anything else, it takes practice to be good at dabbing. The following are the steps to enjoying your concentrated cannabis products:

Step 1: heat the nail. This is the surface where dabs are applied to produce vapor, and this surface needs to be heated colossally. And so, the first step is to put the blowtorch on and heat the nail until it achieves a red glow.

Step 2: cool the nail down. One of the mistakes you can make is applying the dabs while the nail is excessively hot. You need to let the nail cool down for a certain period, depending on the thickness of the nail, and the material that the nail is made of. It usually takes one minute to one and half minutes for a nail to cool down.

Step 3: with a dabber, install some concentrated cannabis product on the nail and take a draw of the cool cannabis vapor. Dabs typically require a slow draw to ensure the concentrate is fully vaporized.

Step 4: if your dab rig has a carb cap, click it into position. The cab cap increases heat retention and improves vapor quality. To remove all vapor from the dab rig, lift the carb cap.

Step 5: clean the nail. If you allow residue to form cakes within the nail, you’ll end up ruining subsequent dabbing sessions. It’s critical to clean the nail every time you use it.

Introduction to E-Rigs

When using a dab rig, the essential processes are done manually, but when using an e-rig, the essential processes are done electronically. An e-rig, also called, an electronic rig is a dabbing tool that supplies heat in an automatic and steady form, to guarantee quality dabbing of cannabis concentrates. Apart from stabilizing the heat supply, e-rigs have lofty safety features, as they don’t require the use of a dab torch.

How to Use E-Rigs

E-Rigs are sophisticated dabbing devices. If you’re always on the move and would like to keep dabbing along your travels, it makes more sense to have an e-rig as opposed to a dab rig. E-Rigs come in varied sizes, shapes, and designs. The following are the standard steps of using e-rigs:

Step 1: prepare your dabbing space. The space needs to be flat and even, to avoid accidents. Also, make sure that there are no flammable materials anywhere near your e-rig.

Step 2: set up the tools and accessories. Assemble the essential materials to avoid any inconveniences. Make sure to have your dabber, carb cap, nail, and plug on the ready.

Step 3: turn the device on. Turn the device on and put the right temperature. As a newbie, you might struggle with hitting the sweet spot, and it’s recommended to start with low temps.

Step 4: start dabbing. Use the dabber to apply cannabis concentrates onto the nail and put your lips to the mouthpiece to take draws of delicious vapor.

Introduction to Dab Pens

When using a conventional dab rig, some activities can be draining; for instance, heating the banger with a dab torch. Dab pens have been created to transform dabbing into a simple and automated activity. A dab pen might look like a vape pen, but instead of using vape juice, a dab pen uses untainted cannabis concentrates. Dab pens have an internal mechanism of heating concentrates and cooling vapor, thus eliminating the need for accessories like torches, nails, and water. However, depending on the design of the dab pen, you might need a dabber to help with loading concentrates into the oven.

How to Use a Dab Pen

Dab pens come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. They usually have a mouthpiece that can be opened to access the oven, and at the push of a button, temperatures may be turned on and adjusted. Dab pens usually rely on conduction heating to convert cannabis concentrates into a delicious vapor form. Using a dab pen is quite easy:

Step 1: prepare the dab pen. Start with charging the dab pen and setting the correct temperature. Temperatures are usually controlled with a button.

Step 2: install the concentrates. You need to be careful with this step to ensure that you install the concentrates into the oven and not the rim. You may use a dab tool.

Step 3: take hits. Once you have loaded the dabs and activated the temperature, you may now begin to enjoy the flavorful hits.

Advantages of Dabbing

Dabbing is slowly becoming a popular method of enjoying cannabis. There are different devices for dabbing, and you can customize the experience in varied ways. The following are some of the benefits of dabbing cannabis concentrates.

1. It’s Healthier than Smoking

Joints and blunts typically release smoke that is not 100% cannabis. The smoke might include gaseous by-products of rolling papers, as well as debris, and such substances are potentially a health risk. However, when you dab cannabis concentrates, the dab device isn't burned, thus allowing you to ingest 100% cannabis vapor. Also, if you like smoking in a social context, passing the joint around could mean exchanging saliva between yourselves. But, the design of a dab rig allows for people to take cannabis hits without placing their lips on the mouthpiece.

2. Fast and Effective

When you consider certain ingestion forms like edibles, the effects don’t kick in fast. Upon swallowing an edible, the cannabinoids are first metabolized before being released into the bloodstream. And so, if someone wanted rapid effects, edibles wouldn’t be ideal. However, when you inhale the vaporized form of potent cannabis concentrates, the vapor flows into the lungs and then is transported to the brain, making for rapid effects. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, or you have some health issues like chronic pain or anxiety, dabbing would make for a better experience than some forms of cannabis ingestion.

3. Clean, Potent, and Flavorful

The production of cannabis concentrates usually involves rigorous procedures, and this allows you to enjoy a lightweight vapor that won’t shock your throat. Unlike joints and pipes, there are no coarse plant compounds or toxic substances in the vapor. Cannabis concentrates have an elevated potency, and while dabbing, you can regulate the temperatures to boost vapor quality. Dab devices come in diverse shapes, sizes, and designs. If you like dabbing while at home, you may use large dab devices, but if you like dabbing while at work or school, you may use compact electronic dab devices.

The Takeaway: Dabbing for Beginners

Dabbing refers to the consumption of concentrated cannabis in vapor form. This activity may be performed with different devices like dab rigs, e-rigs, and dab pens. Dabbing is ideal for newbies as it doesn’t produce harsh smoke, and the experience can be customized. Dabbing involves easy steps, but as a newbie, you’ll become better at it with experience.