Everything You Need to Know About Bong Joint Size and Gender

Everything You Need to Know About Bong Joint Size and Gender

When you first step into the glass world, there can be several things that may seem confusing. But there is nothing to worry about; we have all been there! 

One of the most crucial things to know when buying new bong accessories is the size and gender of the joint. Although all bongs and dab rigs come with their own nail or bowl, there might come a time when you’d like to upgrade your rig or bong or add a personalized touch to it by getting a new nail or bowl. This is when the need to know the right bong joint size and gender comes in play; to let you find the perfect fit for your smoking apparatus.

For an amateur user, knowing that a bong joint has a gender can come across as a shock. But when we can have a partner, then why cannot our bong joints? We have put together this ultimate guide to answer all your concerns related to bong joint size and gender. 

How to Determine Bong Joint Gender?

Bongs, ash catchers, bowl pieces, nails and adapters - all have a gender, male or female; therefore, it is crucial to be able to distinguish between female and male smoking apparatuses. If the need to purchase a new bong joint ever arises, the first and most vital thing is to be able to determine the joint gender to buy the right piece.

Male Bong Joint

To determine the gender of your bong joint, the first step is to take a good look at your go-to bong. If the bong joint that you fit the bowl piece onto tapers at the end and the other accessories have to be put over it, then your bong joint is a male.

Meaning that nails, bowl pieces, domes, or other adapters ought to be female to get the perfect fit—smoking apparatus like rigs that are apt for oils or legal concentrates and work best with male joints.

Female Bong Joint

If your smoking apparatus has a joint that has a broader mouth or opening and requires other accessories to be inserted into it, rather than over it, the joint is female. Thus, all add-on accessories must be male to achieve a perfect fit.

 Most of the conventional water pipes designed mainly for using tobacco or dry legal herbs are going to be female.

To conclude it simply, male joint pieces go into female joints, and female joint pieces go on top of male joints. Moreover, if you have a male joint, it will use the same sized female accessories and vice versa.

How to Determine Bong Joint Size?

But first, let’s look at the different sizes in which bong joints are available:

Bong Joint Size

Before you go and pick up a new bong bowl or nail piece, there is something else you need to be aware of: joint size. Typically, bong joints are available in only three standard sizes: 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. 

Generally, the most used joint size is 14mm, and you will seldom see anyone using 10mm bong joints. Moreover, 18mm bong joints are only found on the most massive sized bongs. 

If you ever hear anyone mention 14.5mm or 18.8mm bong joints then do not get confused, for they are the same as 14mm and 18mm joints.

10mm Joint

10mm joints are commonly referred to as mini, micro or nano joints and these are possibly the easiest to identify due to their super small size. 10mm bong joints are typically found on pendant rigs or tiny pipes designed particularly for legal concentrates and extreme portability.

14mm Joint

14mm joints are the most common of all bong joint sizes. Almost all standard, small to medium-sized dab rigs and bongs uses 14mm joints. To determine if your joint size is 14mm, simply take a 5 cent coin and place it over the end of your bowl piece or pipe, making sure it’s female. These joints are faintly smaller than a 5 cent coin, so in case the 5 cent coin does not fit into it, then the bong joint is most likely 14mm in size. Moreover, if the joint is considerably smaller, you might have a 10mm bong joint in your hand.

18mm Joint

18mm sized bong joints are also quite common and are typically used on larger smoking devices like beakers or straight tubes. This size is perfect for ensuring optimal air low and can also be easily identified by using the 5 cent coin method. If the 5 cent coin falls into the female joint of you bowl piece or pipe, it’s 18mm.

Measuring Bong Joint Size

This quick guide will demonstrate how to easily and quickly measure a bong joint size by simply using a 5 cent coin.

For almost all dab rigs and bongs, you really need to worry about only two joint sizes: 14mm and 18mm. Using a 5 cent coin for this purpose is the easiest way to determine and measure the size of your bong joint. Simply put, the 5 cent coin on the opening of a female bong joint. If it sits on top of the joint, its 14mm in size and if it falls into it, then its 18mm. 

Size and Gender Modifications

While the above-discussed information about the joint size and gender are standard for smoking devices, nevertheless, there are few ways to alter both the size and gender of your go-to smoking device. Glass adapters and dropdowns are readily available on the market that allows you to turn a male bong joint into a female and also transform its size. 

Parting Note

To summarize, whatever gender bong joint you have, it will always use the opposite gender and same size for add-on accessory parts. If you ever make a mistake while buying a bong accessory, do not worry and get yourself an adapter to make it functional. Adapters are small-sized glass pieces that can change the gender of your dab rigs and bong and also the joint size. 

We hope this guide helps you to learn the ins and outs of bong joint sizes and genders.