High Quality Glass Bongs Are in a Class of Their Own: The Benefits

High Quality Glass Bongs Are in a Class of Their Own: The Benefits

Legalization and relaxed rules have had an exciting effect on the cannabis industry. Along with the surge in popularity and mainstream adoption, many smoking accessories and devices have come. Yet one device has mounted the test of time: Glass bongs.

Only a true cannabis enthusiast can appreciate the beauty and class of a time-tested, high-quality glass bong. Meanwhile, an amateur would not understand its significance and would end up buying any cheap piece or knockoff.

Knowing the crucial elements that make up a high-quality glass bong will make you a better consumer, provide a superior experience, and save you from needless stress. For a great smoke, it is vital to understand the different styles and types of bongs that serve different purposes.

This article explores the advantages of a high-quality bong to push you to make the switch for your daily fix.

The Benefits of Smoking from a High-Quality Bong

Premium Raw Material

The primary raw material for a glass bong is the same, but not all are created equal. Lab grade Borosilicate glass is used to make high-quality bongs, which is way more trendy and durable than regular glass.

Borosilicate glass is made of boron trioxide, and silica and several users buy it due to its resistance to high temperature. Additionally, high-quality glass bongs are denser and won't break even if it falls from the table.

Potent Hits

There are times when we prefer taking frequent, small hits. But on the other hand, there are days when we are looking to get lit with potent rips. High-quality bongs make this more achievable than other alternatives like joints or hand pipes. A giant glass bong can be filled as much smoke as you can palate in one go.

Pro Tip: If you want a more potent hit, buy a glass bong with a carburetor. 

Handcrafted Artistry

A high-quality glass bong is an actual piece of art, uniquely designed and crafted by the hands of an experienced artisan. It is a great way to express your sense of style and explore multiple options based on size and shape. Although high-quality bongs may cost you an arm and a leg, but believe us, it's worth it.

Custom Built

Unlike other smoking devices where the customization of design is limited, high-quality glass bong makers provide personalized bongs as per your specifications. From the kind of mouthpiece to the number of percolators, you can modify everything to get the exact type of smoke you need. For example, if you want a cooler smoke, add an ice catcher. Customization is not just limited to the integral parts of the bong; it can also be used to assign a particular color or style to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

High Resale Value

There are a plethora of non-branded glass bongs available in the market. Few are decent in quality and helps to get the job done. But If you ever intend to sell your bong, keep in mind that you might have to swallow a significant loss. First, it might be a challenge to capture a buyer as it doesn't have a brand. But if you are willing to invest now by purchasing a high-quality bong from a reputable brand, you will be able to resell it at a reasonable price.

Pure Flavor

A smoker who have had extensively used various bongs made up of various materials, like wood, metal, plastic, or bamboo, can vouch for the fact that high-quality glass bongs deliver the purest tasting smoke. There is no hint of aftertaste, and it is unfortunate when you acquire the best strains but receive an altered taste due to the wrong material of the bong. For example, a bronze bong may look stunning to the eye, but the taste is a huge letdown. Therefore, if you prefer unflavored hits, high-quality glass bongs are they way to go. 



Professional growers prefer using a high-grade bong to test the quality of their buds. As per them, glass bongs will remain the best way to enjoy herbs. Several high-quality bongs provide the ultimate smoking experience by offering a coil percolator with nitrogen inside to cool the smoke.


Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting

A well maintained, high-quality glass bong can last for decades. The longevity makes them a longstanding investment that is both eco-friendly and light on the wallet. Moreover, you will never have to stress over misplacing a tiny hand pipe or running out of rolling papers. Embrace glass bongs as en environmental friendly way to enjoy your hit and do your part in limiting your carbon footprint.  A high-quality glass bong is just like an old, faithful friend who is always ready and willing to help you at a moment's notice. 


Cleaner and Smoother Hits

High-quality bongs provide you with the cleanest and smoothest hits of your life. The smoke in glass bongs pass through the water, which results in two things:


  • Pulls from a high-quality bong will be gentler and cooler on your throat and lungs as it cools down, making it an ideal apparatus for people who are sensitive to smoke.  

  • It also filters the smoke and traps little particles of tar and other byproducts that otherwise would make their way into your mouth and lungs. 

Closing Thoughts

Smoking from high-quality glass bongs is for enthusiasts who crave the refined and pure taste of their herbs. Not to forget the impeccable job they do at filtering out impurities, allowing a smoother and cleaner hit. If you're excited to explore the world of high-quality glass bongs, check our website to find the best ones.