How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Indoor Cannabis Growing

How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Demand for cannabis is on the up, and many people are looking to grow cannabis privately. With a grow tent, you can cultivate your cannabis plants in an indoor setting. Grow tents have been designed to simulate the natural environment consisting of sunlight, soil, water, and air, that supports plant growth in outdoor environments. Grow tents come in diverse shapes and designs, and are made of different materials. Whether you’re looking to grow cannabis for domestic use or commercial reasons, you need to invest in a quality grow tent.

The Essential Components of an Indoor Grow Room

Many cannabis growers prefer indoor cultivation as it allows for speedy growth and empowers them to cultivate plants throughout the year. But, to put up a perfect indoor grow center, you need full-featured grow tent kits. The following are some of the critical components:

1. Grow Tent

In choosing a grow tent, one of the factors to consider is the material it is made of. The grow tent closes off and safeguards the grow room, and so, the ideal material for a grow tent is sturdy and heavy-duty fabric. Also, depending on the strain of cannabis that you’re growing, ensure that the grow tent has sufficient height and width, to avoid constraining your plants.

2. Grow Lights

When you grow plants on a piece of land, the sun shines on them, supporting photosynthesis. However, when you grow plants in an indoor setting, the sun is blocked out, and you have to install an artificial source of light to ensure the plants receive energy and undergo photosynthesis. Cannabis plants have different light requirements at different stages in their growth cycle. It’s critical to use the perfect lighting system and nail down the photoperiods.

3. Carbon Filter

Cannabis has a strong scent. If you’re growing cannabis in the basement, you probably don’t want the scent to climb up and saturate your house; or you don’t want the scent to spread to your neighbors’ homes, and make them uncomfortable. Carbon filters help with purifying the air. They have excellent features for arresting the odor and making the air pure. Carbon filters also help with removing toxic elements from the air that might potentially harm the plants.

4. Ventilation

Cannabis plants require a steady supply of fresh air. But, within an indoor grow room, the gaseous waste is just immense. Also, the grow lamps typically emit heat energy, and the heat can exert a damaging impact on cannabis plants. Thus, it’s essential to install some ventilation features in your indoor cannabis grow room. The ventilation system helps with eliminating heat, lowering humidity, and deterring the accumulation of gaseous waste. Make sure to install a ventilation system that matches the size of your grow room.

How to Set Up a Grow Tent

With outdoor growing, the preparatory steps are tedious, but growing indoors with grow tents takes some effort. The following is the step-by-step process of setting up a grow tent for indoor cannabis cultivation.

Step 1: Prepare the Space

You need to clean up and design the area where you’re going to install your grow tent. By clearing the clutter, finding the right spot, and cleaning up the space, the project becomes easier to complete. Ensure that you assemble all the tools and devices that you’re going to use to avoid getting confused or making mistakes down the road. You need to study your space to install the grow tent in a style that complements its surroundings.

Step 2: Put Up the Tent

The first thing to put up is the frame. The frame is the skeleton upon which you install a range of accessories that make up the grow room. Upon standing the frame of your grow room, then you install the covering, which is usually a heavy-duty canvas. Ensure that the canvas is properly bonded to the frame to avoid forming cracks and openings that would lower the efficiency of your grow tent. You also need to check the zippers to see if they work properly.

Step 3: Install the Grow Lamps

Grow lamps replace the sunlight in an indoor grow room. There are different kinds of indoor grow lights: fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, and high-intensity discharge. Fluorescent lamps have a relatively low output and are ideal for small grow spaces. LED and HID grow lamps are highly effective and are usually the popular choice. Fluorescents are usually lightweight and easy to install. Some advanced grow light systems might need complementary hardware. Grow lights need to be installed at suitable positions, which is informed by the design of the grow room, and the height of the cannabis plants. Also, the wires of the grow lamps need to be bound safely, to avoid causing electric accidents.

Step 4: Install Ventilation and Carbon Filter

Identify the perfect spot in your grow tent to install the ventilation system and the carbon filter. By installing the exhaust fan within the tent, you significantly minimize noise. But, you need to install the ventilation and carbon filter properly to avoid constraining the plants. The exhaust fans should be hung in such a position that they face the carbon filter and the ventilation opening. Ensure that the electrical cords are long enough to reach a power supply, and ensure that the cords have safety coverings to deter accidents.

Step 5: Install Temperature and Humidity Gauges

Putting up an indoor grow tent is half the job; the other half entails making the conditions perfect. Thus, you need certain equipment like temperature and humidity gauges that help you keep track of the internal environment. High temperatures are usually caused by grow lamps, and high temperatures can distort cannabis leaves, or damage the chemical profile of cannabis plants, thus minimizing its effectiveness. Humidity can create a constraining atmosphere that limits the absorption of nutrients. And so, it’s critical to keep tabs on these factors and ensure that the grow environment is perfect.

Pros of Using Indoor Grow Tents

Grow tents contain all the features that you need to effectively grow cannabis indoors. The following are some of the benefits of indoor cannabis grow tents:

Perpetual growth and harvest: with outdoor growing, various natural acts can exert a limiting impact on cannabis cultivation. But, when it comes to indoor cannabis farming, the grow tents allow you to supply the essential factors for cannabis cultivation, and this allows you to be able to grow and harvest cannabis throughout the year.

Improved yield: with outdoor growing, the natural environment might have certain inconvenient factors that can limit cannabis yield. For instance, the air might contain pollutants that lower the production of flowers. However, grow tents provide a safe environment where cannabis plants are enriched with all the essential nutrients, thus improving yield. Also, indoor grow tents have reflective walls that promote light intensification, thus boosting photosynthesis.  

Easy to set up and manage: putting up a grow tent is something that can be accomplished in a few hours. You don’t need any special training to assemble the grow tent. Grow tent kits usually come with guides, which makes everything easier. With a grow tent, you can grow cannabis at the corner of your living space, in a spare room, or even the basement, and as such, it becomes easy to check and maintain your grow room, as opposed to the demanding nature of outdoor cannabis growing.

Deters pests: if you grow cannabis on a piece of land, there’s a risk of pests showing up, and depending on the type of pests, the aftermath can be disastrous. With indoor grow tents, the strong fabric creates a protective border that would deter pests. But, the canvas should be bonded properly into the frame to ensure that even tiny pests don’t find small openings to jump through.

Fresh buds: cannabis buds from indoor harvests are far much fresher and cleaner than cannabis buds from outdoor harvests. Outdoor growing allows dust and impurities to bond with trichomes whereas indoor growing is typically free of dust and pollutants, thus allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean buds.

Discreet: even though the legal system is relatively approving of cannabis, there are still elements of antagonism at society level. As a cannabis grower, you might not want to make your activities conspicuous. Indoor grow tents have powerful features including carbon filters and ventilation that enhance air purification and proper disposal of gaseous waste. Thus, when you’re growing cannabis out of a grow tent, you can contain the sharp cannabis scent so that your neighbours wouldn’t know what you’re up to.

Easy management of diseases: sometimes pathogens might hit your plants and cause an outbreak. Indoor grow tents make it easy to isolate grow rooms and stem out diseases.

The Takeaway: Assembling a Grow Tent for Indoor Cannabis Growing

There are diverse benefits to growing cannabis with an indoor grow tent: improved yield, perpetual growing, and harvesting, easy maintenance, etc. To create a quality grow room, you’ll need a grow tent, grow lights, carbon filter, and ventilation. The grow tent may be assembled with quick steps and it creates a perfect indoor growing environment.