Percolators: The Good, The Bad and The Remaining

Percolators: The Good, The Bad and The Remaining

There are probably many bong users out there wondering what exactly the term ‘percolator’ means. If you have been part of the bong world, the chances are that you have at least heard of this word before.

All seasoned and amateurs’ smokers must know that percolators are a critical component of the bong smoking culture. Although they are not compulsory in a bong, they’ve become somewhat standard now. Read on to know the purpose and function of percolators and its multiple kinds that can be attached to your favourite glass piece.

What is a Bong Percolator?

A bong percolator aims to make the smoking process from a bong a lot smoother by cooling down the smoke and ensuring premium filtration. They are common additions to bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs, and nowadays, many of these smoking pipes have them built into their glass design. Percolators are also available as add-on bong accessory to allow users to reap their benefits even if they’re favorite bong doesn’t include one. There are numerous different kinds of percolators available in the market, and each has a slightly distinct effect.

Why use Bong Percolators?

For someone who is not familiar with bongs, the possibility of smoking out of one may be somewhat intimidating. The cultural stigma around glass bongs makes them appear more potent than other smoking devices, and in a certain way, they are.

This is where percolators come in the scene; many people have seen them on bubblers and bongs but still do not fully understand what they are. To put it as simple as possible, a bong percolator forces smoke to flow through the bong water in order to filter it. The filtration process tone downs the temperature of the smoke and makes the hit much less harsh.

Although percolators come in several designs and styles, but ultimately, they all accomplish the same purpose. If you’re someone looking for smoother hits or simply seeking a healthier way to smoke, then bong percolators are definitely worth purchasing.

How Can Percolators Help You?

There are three major ways in which bong percolators can aid smokers:

Cooling Effect:

The smoke coming from the bong bowl is very hot, the water slows down the smoke’s path to the lungs of the smoker, providing it considerably more time to cool down. Moreover, the interaction with water gives the smoke a chance to dispel its heat into the water and thus results in a cooling effect.

Moisturizing Effect:

Another major reason for using percolators is that it forces the smoke to interact with water, the water vapor thereby adds moisture to the hit, making it less harsh on the lungs and throat of the smoker.

Filtration Effect:

Filtration of the smoke takes place when the smoke comes in contact with the water, thus the more surface bubbles you have, the more filtration will be achieved. When smoke interacts with water, the water automatically attracts polar contaminants and takes them out of the water. Apart from removing harmful toxins, the filtration process also aids in moisturizing and cooling of the smoke and hence leading to happier lungs and smoother hits.

Do Percolators Affect Your High?

Bong percolators, without any doubt, are successful at cooling down smoke and makes it easier for smokers to inhale bigger rips. But the other pertinent question is whether they affect your high or not?

Several people feel that percolators increase THC absorption, but this is not true. A percolator does not make you any higher than a standard bong. In fact, a little THC is lost due to attaching a percolator on a bong. But worry not, the difference is very minimal and won’t affect the overall experience.

6 Different Styles of Percolators

Although all bong percolators provide an additional layer of filtration, however, different percolators accomplish this task in different ways. Moreover, they also add a distinct aesthetic touch to each glass piece. The following are a few of the many different styles of percolators available in the market.

1. Honeycomb Percolators

The honeycombed shape of a percolator gives them the functionality they need to filter smoke efficiently. The small holes work perfectly to diffuse the smoke, and the round disks fit in the tube of the bong. Moreover, the smoke filtration is accomplished without slowing down the smoking process.

2. Tree Percolators

Tree percolators are quite simple; the insides of the tube bong have a collection of rods that looks like a tree limb. Each limb is slit to offer optimal diffusion. Although tree percolators can break easily, the one’s made up of borosilicate glass is much more durable and long-lasting.

3. Inline Percolators

Inline percs are horizontal tubes with several slits on them; the more openings there are, the more percolation takes place. Inline perc often complements other percolators above them.

4. Matrix Percolators

This style of percs is located in the center, leaving plenty of space around them to provide a visual appeal to it. The top holes do not have a lot of resistance; therefore, the lower holes do not bring in enough smoke and functions the same way showerhead perc does.

5. Showerhead Percolators

Showerhead percolators use a tube that connects to the core chamber and brings back smoke through a larger tube and leading it down and into another percolator with multiple slits.

6. Turbine Percolators

Turbine percolators are not only great at water filtration but also deliver unique aesthetics. The shape of this perc allows water to travel up the pipe, resulting in effective filtration along with incredible visuals.

Regardless of the perc style, bong with a percolator will definitely improve the smoking experience for several smokers and will continuously provide smoother hits.

The Giveaway

If you are tired of the dry throat and coughing fits every time you use a bong, the best thing you can do is to invest in a percolator! They are ideal for receiving smoother, cooler, and better-tasting hits. Check out our shop to buy a perc bong that best suits your smoking needs!