Stori Smart Cannabis Storage Review

Stori Smart Cannabis Storage Review

Whether you consume cannabis for relaxation or medicinal purposes, one thing is for sure: you value your cannabis products, and whether they be concentrates or dry herb, you want to store them properly. Stori is a smart cannabis storage system with full-stack features spanning safety, odor-proof, organization, and digital integration. Stori is a one of a kind storage system that allows for easy handling and organization of your cannabis products. It has no restrictions and most users consider it a vital accessory in their cannabis lifestyle. Whether you’re a novice or veteran cannabis consumer, you can benefit from the Stori smart cannabis storage.

About Stori Smart Cannabis Storage System

Stori provides a top-tier storage system that merges the elements of safety, function, and design. The team behind Stori aims to put cannabis storage at the same level of mainstream idealism as wine and whiskey storage systems in households. Stori is a complete set that includes one case, six pods, six tubes, a dry erase marker, rolling papers, and the Stori app. The Stori cannabis storage has a sleek design, and you will be happy to include it in your home décor, as you hide your cannabis resources in plain sight.

Features of Stori Smart Cannabis Storage

The Stori cannabis storage system has a sleek design, and it makes it easy to organize and handle your cannabis products. The following are some of its features:

1. Airtight Properties

Whether your cannabis buds have been just bought from the dispensary, or have been around for a day or two, they need to be kept in an airtight environment. There are numerous advantages to placing your cannabis products in an airtight storage system.

Keep it fresh: if you leave cannabis buds lying around in a box, or on a tabletop, there’s that risk of the elements of air reacting and exerting a bad influence on the buds, which can cause the buds to develop molds and go stale too soon. However, Stori provides an airtight storage environment that blocks out the air elements, thus preserving cannabis freshness.

Keep pests away: pests are very alert to conspicuous smells in your house. If you leave cannabis buds lying on a surface within your home, that’s akin to making a rallying call for the pests like whiteflies and spider mites to come to a feast. Stori cannabis storage conceals the smells, and safely stores cannabis products, thus discouraging pests from drawing near.

2. Smell Proof Properties

There are uncountable varieties of cannabis strains out there, and all these strains have different sorts of smells, but one thing is undeniable: cannabis has a characteristically strong smell. The smell comes up because cannabis is rich in terpenes, aromatic chemical compounds. If your cannabis products are poorly stored, the smell typically spreads around. Stori smart cannabis storage has excellent smell-proof features.

Enhance the flavor: if you store cannabis poorly, it might absorb different scents from its surroundings, and ultimately its flavor would go down. However, if cannabis is enclosed in smell-proof storage, the flavor experiences maturation. Thus, Stori smart cannabis storage not only arrests the smell but also indirectly improves the taste of cannabis.

Avoid smell saturation: some people love the cannabis smell, and probably have no problem letting their home become saturated with that smell. But, the majority of cannabis consumers would rather that their houses had a different scent than that of cannabis, especially if they shared their living space with others who don’t take cannabis. Stori makes it easy to confine the distinct smell of cannabis.

Avoid detection: cannabis laws are flux at best. Some aspects of cannabis consumption are deemed legal, and some aspects are prohibited. When in public settings with cannabis on you and you don’t want to draw the attention of law enforcement, it’s essential to confine that scent of cannabis. Stori does a superb job of concealing that smell so that people won’t be drawn to your attention by it.

3. Water Resistant Properties

If you leave cannabis buds lying around on a surface and the room has high humidity levels, or if there’s an incident and the poorly stored cannabis buds become touched by water, it’s only a matter of hours before the molds start to form, and once mold appears on your flower, the freshness and flavor go out the window.

Avoid cannabis deterioration: cannabis might get drenched in water through various ways like water damage incidents, accidents, or excessive humidity. Stori cannabis storage system is waterproof, and it will keep your cannabis products from being affected by water incidents.

4. Child-resistant Packaging

If you leave your cannabis valuables in the open, so that a child or pet can access them, it poses all sorts of problems. The child or pet can consume the cannabis, causing them to experience effects that they can’t process or withstand. Also, kids and pets might not care about the value of these products, and can potentially trash them to zero. Stori smart cannabis storage incorporates robust packaging features that make it impossible for children or pets to reach inside and tamper with your cannabis valuables.

5. Stori App

This smart cannabis storage system is integrated with an app that helps you find information about products you have bought, keep track of bought items, and discover related products. Cannabis strains are incredibly diverse, but Stori can help you curate the best strains that adhere to your needs. You can access reviews from Stori users to help you make flawless shopping decisions.

Benefits of Stori Smart Cannabis Storage System

Stori smart cannabis storage is a trailblazing product that has taken cannabis storage to a new level. If you’re used to stuffing your cannabis products in baggies and boxes, you can enjoy full-stack storage features by investing in Stori smart cannabis storage. The following are some of the advantages of using Stori cannabis storage.

Stay organized: if you’re used to storing cannabis flower in baggies, and you have no storage accessories, it can leave your table or floor looking messy. But, when using Stori smart cannabis storage, you can take advantage of the color-coded pods to carefully manage the cannabis, separate the strains, and even keep track of the purchase date. Due to the organization, and ease of use, you’re less likely to create a mess.

Safety storage: it’s one thing to store your cannabis products, and it’s another thing to safely store them. Made of robust hardware and safety features, Stori's smart cannabis storage surpasses the strength and cunningness of kids and pets. Thus, you will never come home to find your cannabis products strewn all around the place. Also, Stori smart cannabis storage provides lightproof and waterproof features that block out various elements that might potentially harm the integrity of cannabis products.

Keep your stash fresh: if you like buying cannabis flower in bulk, you need to store it properly, or else it’s going to become stale and lose its flavor. Stori smart cannabis storage is stacked with diverse features that preserve the integrity of cannabis products. For instance, the lids of the Stori pods are fortified with humidity packs that help to preserve terpenes and to keep your cannabis flower from becoming dry. Thus, when you pack your bong bowl with well-stored flower, you’re able to take delicious draws of smoke.

Maintenance Tips for Stori Smart Cannabis Storage

Stori's smart cannabis storage system is a game-changing product. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cannabis consumer, you can use it to secure your cannabis valuables and keep them fresh. But, to preserve its utility, you need to maintain it properly. The following are some of the critical maintenance tips for the Stori smart cannabis storage:

Regular cleaning: when you use an accessory for a certain length of time, it becomes dirty, and it’s important to clean it. You can clean Stori smart storage system by soaking the pods and tubes in soapy water before washing every part of the system. After the clean-up, you can rinse the parts in warm water, air-dry them, and put the system back together.

Avoid placing it near heat: although the pods and tubes are made of robust aluminum, placing Stori cannabis storage system near a heat source can exert a damaging effect upon it. If the heat is excessive, it can damage terpenes and other chemical elements of cannabis, and by extension, ruin cannabis flavor. The ideal place to put the Stori cannabis storage system is in a cool and dry area. Considering it has a sleek design, you can use it as an embellishment in your bedroom décor.

Know when to perform repairs and replacements: if you typically subject your Stori system to traumatic impacts, the hardware might become worn, and its utility might start waning. Thus, it’s important to recognize when to make repairs and replacements.

The Takeaway: Stori Smart Cannabis Storage

As a cannabis consumer, you want your flower to stay fresh and flavorful, but with basic storage systems, the loopholes can have a damaging impact on your cannabis. Stori smart cannabis storage system is a trailblazing storage system for cannabis valuables. It is designed to keep cannabis fresh, easy to handle, and safe.