The Wand E-Nail Dab Kit Review

The Wand E-Nail Dab Kit Review

One of the advantages of cannabis products is that they can be consumed in diverse ways. If you like fast and potent cannabis effects, you probably favour dabbing. In this post, we introduce you to one of the most ideal dabbing accessories; The Wand.

Dabbing is technically applying heat on cannabis concentrates and inhaling the resultant vapor. This vapor is both lighter and smoother against your lungs, unlike the smoke from joints or blunts. Dabs also don’t have a strong scent like dry herb.

The Wand is a revolutionary e-nail dab kit that uses induction heating. It’s not only sleek and portable, but it also allows you to control the temperature, and enjoy the perfect dabbing experience.

Basics of The Wand

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, and you like dabbing, it’s practical to have a portable dabbing tool on you to make for easy consumption.

The Wand dab kit includes an angled banger, a straight banger, a carb cap, a charger, inner cups, and batteries. The borosilicate glass bangers are heated by conduction.

And to achieve the best results, the temperature should be consistent. With The Wand, you can heat the bangers to the temperature that you desire.

The borosilicate glass bangers are safe and reliable, and once they achieve the right temperature, install the concentrates and take the potent tokes.

Features of The Wand

The following are some of the features that make The Wand a standout dabbing tool:

1. Induction heating

Bangers are typically heated with blowtorches, and this can lead to an erratic outcome, especially if you’re a novice. But The Wand incorporates an electronic heating mechanism that spares you the hassle of blowtorches. Since there’s no heat applied to the instrument directly, the integrity of the dabbing tool is preserved. This heating method promotes cleanliness, safety, and convenience.

2. Borosilicate glass banger and cups

Borosilicate glass is not just durable but also has temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance properties. The Wand dab kit features bangers and inner cups made of borosilicate glass. This improves efficiency and makes for easy cleaning.

3. Dual battery

The Wand relies on 18650 batteries to facilitate the induction heating system. The batteries are replaceable and are typically recharged through USB ports. Ensure you follow all the critical practices that preserve the integrity of the batteries.

4. Easy temperature control

One of the downsides of heating a banger traditionally is that it’s difficult to control the temperature with a blowtorch. If the temperature is excessive, the cannabis taste is affected, and if the temperature is not sufficient, a good percentage of the concentrates goes to waste. But The Wand has excellent temperature control features. It has auto and manual functionalities that help with achieving the precise temperature for achieving perfect cannabis tokes.

5. Safety features

This dabbing tool has different safety enhancement features, and these features help with boosting performance and promoting durability.

6. Viscosity range

The Wand is designed to support cannabis resources of varied viscosity levels like wax and concentrates. It allows you to try out different products and diversify your tastes.

How to Use The Wand

The Wand is extremely easy to operate. It has a user manual, and it’s critical to check it out and adhere to the guidelines.

To turn on this dabbing tool, you need to push the large button five times. Once The Wand is on, it stays on standby, but you can shock it back into being active by pushing a button.

To shut it down, you need to push the large button five times. But also remember that if you allow the tool to stay for a long while inactive, it can also cause it to shut down.

The Wand may be used in either manual or automatic mode. To use it in manual mode, push the large button until the cup hits the set temperature.

If you want the auto mode, push the large button twice, and put it on your induction cup. If you take the tool and put it back, the heating progresses automatically.

Whether you choose to use manual or auto function, you can achieve the precise temperatures, and then install the concentrates and enjoy the amazing vapor.

Benefits of Using The Wand

People love The Wand for various reasons:

Quality build: The Wand has an amazing build that makes it easy to carry around and use for long periods. This dabbing tool is made of sturdy material and is aesthetic.

Stable batteries: if you’re going for a mountain hike or camp, and you want to indulge in cannabis while there, having stable batteries is critical. This dabbing tool can also be easily recharged through a USB charger.

Highly flexible: temperature has a major influence on the tokes that you can enjoy. The temperature output of this dab tool may be manipulated to achieve varying results.

Quality vapor: the taste and scent of cannabis are down to the quality of your products. But The Wand also has a build that enhances vapor quality.

Ease of use: if you’re a newbie, it can be a bit challenging to use a blowtorch, and you can easily waste your dab. But when you utilize the auto features of this dab tool, things become a breeze. Leveraging the automatic features allows you to achieve the precise temperature to enjoy fantastic cannabis tokes.

Safety: if you’re using an open flame to heat the banger, it can expose you to different risks and make the situation unpredictable. Blowtorches can emit excessive butane, which may be inhaled and lead to complications. But The Wand doesn’t have any emissions. And it works quietly without risking burning anyone or anything.

Cons of The Wand

The Wand is an innovative, top-level dabbing tool that makes it easy to take amazing marijuana hits, but its main downside is the complex starting and shutting down processes. Whether you want to turn it on or shut it off, you have to press a large button several times, and it just feels awkward.

The Wand: Is It Worth It?

Dabbing is a popular method of ingesting cannabis products. It involves touching concentrates with a hot material so that cannabis vapor is unlocked. For the longest time, blowtorches were typically used for heating, but the latest heating technology features induction heating. The Wand is a top-notch, battery-powered enail that is sturdy, functional, and durable, and it has both manual and auto features.