What You Need to Know About Dabbing in South Africa

What You Need to Know About Dabbing in South Africa

Dabbing is a new phenomenon sweeping the South African market. The word describes a form of smoking that involves vaporizing cannabis concentrate through a water pipe, or "bong".

More potent than traditional weed, dabs are made from a concentrated resin extracted from the marijuana plant using butane gas and ice water. It's an alternative way to enjoy marijuana that delivers the same kind of high as smoking it. But is dabbing legal? Is it safe? And what exactly are you inhaling when you dab? To find out more, read this article.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is a term used to describe the use of highly concentrated cannabis extracts. Concentrates come in many forms, such as wax, shatter, crumble, and other forms of cannabis concentrate. Dabbing is an efficient and effective way to consume cannabis and often provides a much more intense experience than smoking or vaporizing.

Stoned? Wired? Have a Ridgematch this Friday. This fact is frequently cited when describing the drug experience of consuming cannabis through the "toke".In the 80s, South Africa had a reputation for marijuana produced by a minuscule underground scene. The P.R. blitz by police to both criminalize and ostracize these small international growers was remarkable. With the conspiracy theories, marijuana legalization became a polarizing issue.

Much like tobacco, cannabis is a psychoactive substance that can elicit distinct reactions in the user. In South Africa, the reason for this is perhaps due to high rates of user error. The dangerous phenomenon of "Dude, Where's My Water Needle?" became slang in rural areas to refer to marijuana residue on fingers or fingerprints that had come off the plant.

How does dabbing work?

Dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves using a small amount of cannabis concentrates, often in shatter or wax, and inhaling it using a vaporizer pen. The result is a quick high that hits the brain almost as soon as it's inhaled.

Most vaporizers use liquids heated from concentrated cannabis resin by heating butane, a vegetable-oil based fuel, over a water tank to produce a vapour. These vapes tend to go lower on THC, meaning that the high is less sensory than a joint or blunt.

However, there's a debate about whether dabbing constitutes use of the drug since users typically melt the cannabis concentrate into a thickening agent like icing sugar or fruit juice. Common ingredients to use when dabbing include lemon oil, honey, coconut oil, and butter. In addition to medical issues, vapes have become popular as a form of recreation.

Are dabs legal in South Africa?

Given the current legal status, it is difficult to give a definitive opinion about whether you would be arrested if you use dabs in public. While there are some rumors that dabs are not illegal, there is certainly no official concession yet. It is legal to possess a small amount of weed for personal consumption, but it's illegal to sell it.

Is dabbing safe?  

Dabbing is a form of concentrated cannabis that's usually created by extracting THC and CBD from the marijuana plant using butane. Regular weed is mostly sativa, which can cause alertness, calmness, and euphoria. Less potent strains with less THC and more CBD, called high-CBD, produce effects ranging from sedative to energizing.

Extracts from low-THC or CBD strains can't get their act together like the entire plant. Dabbing is often a safer alternative to smoking flowers. Whether it's a wax concentrate or oil, it's drawn directly into the lungs, creating an instantaneous high. 

The short answer is, "yes."  It's true that dabs are indeed highly concentrated. You can get high in just one hit, and that makes them safer than smoking. However, there is absolutely no safe level of drug use.

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