When buying a Grinder

When buying a Grinder

What to look for when buying a grinder.

If you are new to the wonderful world of cannabis, we would like to introduce you to a handy tool called the grinder. This will be an essential tool that grinds your bud before you smoke. But how do you go about choosing your perfect grinder? Here is a quick guide explaining the different grinders that you will find in a headshop!

Why use a Grinder

The right grinder can help your cannabis last longer. It has less waste than breaking up your cannabis bud by hand and produces a better smoking experience. When you 'grind' by hand, it always leaves behind a small bit of shake and trichome crystals. These tiny bits almost always end up on your carpet or table. Using a grinder ensures that every bit of shake and those precious trichomes stay encased in the grinder for use later!

How To Use a Grinder

Grinders are pretty simple to use, and they look a bit more tricky when you look at them. Here is a quick crash course! Most grinders come in 3 levels—the grinder with sharp teeth, 2nd chamber with a mesh and 3rd chamber, which catches the pollen.  

1.    Make sure that your grinder is clean, as dirty a grinder can change the flavour profile of your smoke. 

2.    Lift the top lid of your grinder, generally attached with a strong magnet. You will see a set of teeth on the cover and the top, and the   first chamber of the grinder. 

3.    Tear up your buds so that they will fit between both pieces. You don't need to tear them up too much as the grinder will do the work for you. Don't overfill your grinder; otherwise, it will not grind your herbs properly.

4.    Now, place the lid back on the chamber and make sure it is properly closed. 

5.    Move the lid back and forth. This will create tobacco size cannabis which is ideal for smoking.

6.    Make sure you shake your grinder to get all the cannabis from the top chamber to the bottom, and nothing is lost!

What Types of Grinders are there?

Cannabis grinders come in many different sizes, small, large, plastic, and automatic grinders that work similarly to a coffee grinder. For example, 3 part weed grinders have a chamber for your freshly ground herbs and a chamber for catching your kief (the crystals that come off the buds). Kief can make pressed hash or dust on a bowl as an extra treat. Let's look at types of grinders.  

Plastic Grinders

A plastic grinder is considered the lowest quality and is usually only purchased when you need one on the spot. The teeth and body are made from plastic or slightly more durable. The downside is that these grinders break easily, as they are not meant to last. Another downside is that the teeth break easily, and you could find plastic teeth in your smoke.

Metal Grinder

These are the most popular choice for grinding. They are more durable than plastic grinders and better at getting the job done. They are usually made from aluminium, making them easier to clean. These grinders are more inexpensive but also very strong. No matter how dense your bud is, the teeth are not breaking! Metal grinders usually come with multiple chambers for storing your kief, making them more popular with veteran smokers.

Stone Grinder

The teeth of stone grinders are made from a sturdier stone or metal. Stone grinders are not as popular as metal grinders popular. They make great gifts and are decorative as they often have beautiful intricate hand-carved patterns.

Wooden Grinder

The wooden grinder is more durable than plastic and wood but not as heavy-duty as a metal grinder. The teeth are usually thinner and made from aluminium. The downside to a wooden grinder is more challenging to clean. If you wash it with water, it can cause the wood to warp, which means you cannot use it anymore.

Crank Grinder

The crank grinder is made from aluminium, with an aluminium crank on the lid. These are often used by people who struggle with joint problems. It makes grinding easier as gripping a conventional grinder can be challenging. You turn the crank to grind the cannabis and unscrew when the cannabis has sufficiently ground up. The downside is that the cranks can break off.

Electric Grinder

You cannot do better than an electric grinder for the ultimate in ease and low maintenance. However, electric grinders are not set up like manual grinders. Instead, it works similar to a coffee grinder. They are easy to use, and you must keep them clean; otherwise, they will clog and break.

What is the Best Weed Grinder?

"Best grinder" is a relative term, as what people think is best depends on their preference, of course. However, we have found that the Metal grinders are the most popular with our shoppers. Therefore, we have a wide variety of grinders available in our online store at https://www.passthedutch.co.za/grinders at affordable prices that can be shipped to you.

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