Why Are We Still Smoking from a Glass Bong?

Why Are We Still Smoking from a Glass Bong?

During the last few decades, smokers have come across several types of smoking apparatuses, including hand pipes, blunts, joints, and glass bongs. Despite the several options available, glass bongs are usually the most preferred choice for cannabis users due to its easy use and fascinating design.

Bongs come in multiple shapes and sizes and provide several benefits to the user. If you want to know more why people still use glass bongs to smoke weed, you are in the right place and should definitely give this article a read!

Why People Still Use Glass Bongs?

The main reason smokers prefer using a glass bong over other means is its water filtration system. When smoking from regular pipes, there is a risk of inhaling burnt tar or ash, meanwhile, a bong traps such residue in the water and prevents it from reaching the mouth.

Bongs are also known to help filter and trap potentially harmful toxins and carcinogens from dry herbs that can typically be inhaled if smoked via a traditional pipe. Another benefit of water filtrations is that it helps to cool down the smoke before the user takes it in, making it go easier on the lungs and also reducing any irritation risks on the throat.

Improved Bong Technology

With the growing progress in bong technology during the past years, several new styles and percolators have launched in the market to enhance and maximize smoking sessions. For example, smoking from a glass bong with a basic percolator will form big bubbles but will provide a relatively low surface area.

On the other hand, with an advanced percolator that creates a lot smaller bubbles, would give a much higher surface and therefore lead to better smoke cooling and filtration. If you are someone, who requires an extra layer of water filtration, you can always add an ash catcher to the bong and enjoy smoother hits.

5 Reasons Why People Still Use Glass Bongs

Experience Smoother Hits

For several people, especially for amateurs, the biggest benefit of smoking from a glass bong is to experience smoother hits. When the user goes for a hit, the smoke is first filtered and then cooled by the water. This provides a smoother and pleasant temperature to the smoke.

Compare this with the hit of a joint. The smoke from a joint is hot, inflames your airways, and can be hard on the throat, often resulting in unceasing coughs. If you want to save yourself from this ordeal, get a bong!

Bongs Are Easy to Use

To use a bong, you barely need to learn anything. The paper rolling for a joint can be quite a daunting task for amateurs whereas, using a bong is relatively simple. Bongs generally have four main components:

    •    The reservoir or vase

    •    The shaft or stem

    •    The bowl

    •    The tube

The assembling process to use a bong is simple, fill the reservoir with sufficient water, place the stem on the reservoir and fill the bowl with your favorite herbs. In case there is a hole in the bowl, you will need to conceal it with a nugget. The last step involves the user placing their lips at the end of the tube and ignite the herb with a lighter or match; Inhale, take a hit and reach the clouds!

Bongs Are Easy to Maintain

If you compare a bong to a joint, it is harder to maintain; a joint can simply be thrown away. Nonetheless, the maintenance of the bong is very easy. Just make sure to refresh the water of the reservoir after each use as the water turns cloudy and dark in color.

This is crucial as certain residues in the water can be harmful to the smoker’s health. Therefore, ensure that the water is changed before you use it. Additionally, regular cleaning of the bongs is another good practice to maintain its health. Simply rinse it with hot water or in the dishwasher if you are lazy. 

Bongs Reduce Mold and Bacteria

Bong water often traps mold and bacteria to decrease the number of microbes that you inhale. Cannabis smoker tend to pass pipes, bongs and joints around, which can be a serious mean to pass illnesses to one another. But with a glass bong, few of such contaminants get filtered through the water and saves your lung from doing the hard work.

To reap most benefits out of your bong, make it a habit to change the bong water before each smoking session regularly. A weekly deep cleanse with rubbing alcohol and salt is also a great idea (Follow this link for more tips on cleaning your bong the right way!). Moreover, if you share the bong with other people, make sure to wipe down the mouthpiece with an alcohol swab to prevent sharing more than just a high. If you get what we mean?

Bongs are Re-Usable

You might wonder that a bong may put some stress on your wallet, but the good news is that if you are careful and properly use it, a single bong can last you lifetime. On the contrary, with blunts and joints, you will always need to keep to the store to buy more. So if you are lazy like the most of us, spend a few bucks on a decent glass bong and save yourself from avoidable store trips.

Final Verdict

If you wonder why people still use glass bongs, do not forget the unique advantages that are exclusively provided by them. If you want to try out these benefits for yourself, do check out our online collection of super fine bongs.