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Spare bongs parts consist of glass on glass bowls, glass adapters, chillums and precoolers. Glass on glass bowls are typically made of pyrex glass. They feature a handle for easy handling. Glass bowls are artistically fabricated and usually have various embellishments. You may spot glass bowls modeled after a skull or even an animal. Chillums and Precoolers enhance the filtration and cooling of the smoke and keeps ash/resin from ending up in the bong water.

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Contents:1x B-Buddy (4.0mm stainless steel) 1x LimPuro® Bio Cleaner concentrate 20ml + 20ml 3x rubber stopperApplication:Thread Schillum on the B-Budd...
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Hemp Wick

The hemp wick from 'RAW' is the natural alternative to butane gas lighters and sulphureous matches. The wick in a bundle is made of hemp which is a re...
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