Dab Accessories

Bongs are for lighting up the dry herb, but dab rigs are for vaporizing concentrates. Concentrates may be vaporized at extreme heat, but the vapor that reaches your mouth is cool, smooth, and delicious. Generally, dab rigs are favoured by veteran smokers because perfect dabbing is like art. For instance, you must not heat the nail for too long, or else you’ll burn the concentrates. And what are the common dabbing accessories? Blowtorch for heating up your banger/nailDab Bangers this tool is typically made of titanium or quartz and is used for inserting concentrates into the banger/nail and Carb caps feature on the top of the domeless nail for improving the flavour of cannabis.

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5 Ton Rosin Press

The Bull Dog Press 5 Ton Rosin Press is proudly made in South-Africa, our family of high quality presses are built on strength and durability to last ...
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Rosin Press 600kg

Do it yourself - with the electric heat press from Qnubu the production of delicious rosin dabs is totally easy and safe! Rosin is the name given to c...
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Rosin Press

Extraction without the danger of explosion - quite simple with the 'Oil Black Leaf' Rosin Press! With the so-called Rosin Tech finest oil for dabbing ...
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