DAB RIGS are specialized types of bongs or water pipes created to smoke dense concentrates using water vapor. These glass dab rigs feature either quartz or titanium nail. The dab rig heats the cannabis concentrate to 316 to 371 Celsius (600 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit). You can choose from several different colors, sizes, shapes, and forms. With a dab rig, one puff has the same effect as taking three to four puffs from a glass bong pipe.

Why dab to get high?      

Dabbing is a safer and alternative method for inhaling smoke, as opposed to inhaling smoke over a direct flame set to burn the dry herbs or oils. Dabbing uses convective heating to burn concentrates like vapor. First-time dabbers, go with a dab rig with a domed nail, as they require less maintenance and require less heating.

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5 Ton Rosin Press

The Bull Dog Press 5 Ton Rosin Press is proudly made in South-Africa, our family of high quality presses are built on strength and durability to last ...
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The Wand

Welcome to the dabbing revolution. Our sleek portable eNail dab kit includes the first ever eNail to use induction heating. It gives you the power to ...
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Rosin Heat Press 600kg

Do it yourself - with the electric heat press from Qnubu the production of delicious rosin dabs is totally easy and safe! Rosin is the name given to c...
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Rosin Press

Extraction without the danger of explosion - quite simple with the 'Oil Black Leaf' Rosin Press! With the so-called Rosin Tech finest oil for dabbing ...
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Double dabber tool

This is a precision double dabber tool for handling your oil and concentrates. It is a 12.5cm piece of titanium, coming with a pointy end to stick to ...
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