You can roll a joint with coarse, uneven buds, but if you want a smooth and perfect toke, you’ll need an herb grinder. It’s a simple tool for pulverizing herb into a fine consistency. The smooth herb is easy to pack into a bowl piece or roll a joint with, but more importantly, it makes for a delicious smoke. Herb grinders come in varying styles and materials. Top-shelf herb grinders feature improvisations for collecting kief. Kief are the tiny crystals on the marijuana buds with high THC levels. You may use kief by making hash, spicing up your meals, or making moonrocks. The best herb grinder depends on your needs.

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Rasta' Al.-Grinder 4-part

'BL' 'Rasta' Grinder made of anodised aluminium with magnetic closing lid and nylon ring as well as a screen and and bottom chamber. With the addition...
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