Grow Systems

Your indoor growing facility needs to provide the right temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity and optimal water/nutrient supply to ensure healthy plants and a massive yield. You must get these factors right, or else you may not obtain the yield you planned for. You may utilize a monitoring system to ensure that all the important factors are met. For instance, if there’s excessive heat in the grow tent, you have to shut down the heaters. Advanced monitoring systems execute automatic commands as they seek the perfect balance. Some monitoring systems might require manual control but others are automatic environment controllers. These systems will help you maintain the perfect temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity levels, and water/nutrient supply.

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4 Connector for Tank

Series of 4 connectors that allow direct draft from fertilizer and phosphoric acid tanks, ideal for large plants. Each connector is equipped with an 8...
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GATE - Light Controller

It allows full control by NIDO App; you decide the right power of light in each phase of your plant, optimizing consumption. NIDO GATE works only conn...
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Smart Plug

Easy to configureCommunication via Wi-FiMaximum working distance from NIDO 10 metersMaximum load 2 kilowattsThe SmartPlug NIDO is the ideal choice to ...
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