GATE - Light Controller - NIDO PRO

GATE - Light Controller - NIDO PRO

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GATE - Light Controller

Product details

It allows full control by NIDO App; you decide the right power of light in each phase of your plant, optimizing consumption. NIDO GATE works only connected to NIDO ONE.

Sunrise/Sunset function

Any abrupt change can affect the yield, going from ON to OFF remains unnatural for your plant. A harmonious transition between day and night has a positive effect on the metabolism of the plant, favoring the production of Auxina, a hormone that controls growth and progess. In synergy with perfect control of the climate and the nutrient solution, it has all the prerequisites to provide the best possible results. Function available only with NIDO GATE.

Perfect results with assisted cultivation

Thanks to our assisted system, instead of manually setting up the functions of your GROW BOX, you can simply follow the recipes designed for the type of genetics you are cultivating. And it will be easy, thanks to the notifications that will guide you step by step. NIDO™ will set values and temperature for your cultivation system.

Your cultivation turns into a game

NIDO™ brings your GROW BOX into the digital age: we thought of its app because it is easy to use and super-intuitive. The data, the cultivation parameters and the best recipes to take care of your plants will be directly on your smartphone. The NIDO™ notification system will guide you step by step for certain and spectacular results.

Maximum control

The NIDO™ system is versatile and fits all your needs, so you can manually control every single device. You can also analyze and export the detailed parameters of your cultivation, share them with others, or study them.

Or choose the manual cultivation

If you are an old-fashioned farmer who loves to make his own recipes, or an innovator who likes to experiment, you can use your creativity and experience with MANUAL cultivation. You will have a perfect personalized interface to create your recipes and a calendar to have each step under control. And thanks to the community you can share your results and discuss recipes with other growers.

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