Rosin Press 600kg - QNUBU

Rosin Press 600kg - QNUBU

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Rosin Press 600kg

Product details

Do it yourself - with the electric heat press from Qnubu the production of delicious rosin dabs is totally easy and safe! Rosin is the name given to cannabis resin which is only extracted by strong pressure and heat. Thus rosin is an absolutely pure concentrate, free of any solvents like alcohol or butane gas. Due to the purity, but also because of the much safer production, extracting with special rosin presses is becoming more and more popular.

With the Qnubu press, rosin extraction is simple and will also succeed extraction beginners without any problems. A great feature of this press are the suction cups at the bottom which provide the safest stand. And the uncomplicated application speaks for itself:

Simply pack flowers, buds or other herbal material into a rosin filter bag and wrap it with baking paper, heat up the press to the desired temperature (digital display), place press material between the press plates, lock the press with the hook-in mechanism, set the timer to the desired duration and off you go! With a pressure of 600kg the press presses reliably, without force and completely without danger of explosion the precious rosin from the plant material. Since the rosin can run out at the sides of the press plate, we recommend building a 'shuttle' with drain from the baking paper.

The correct choice of temperature and the duration of the pressing process depends strongly on type, quality and condition of the raw material and often requires testing with smaller quantities. As a guideline, Qnubu recommends 90° C with a pressing time of 60 seconds. We also recommend placing the rosin directly in the freezer after extraction. This prevents the terpenes from degrading and the taste from getting lost. 

Attention: Please adjust the plates BEFORE activating the arm and only then activate the arm as the handle respectively the handle's thread may break otherwise!

  • Additional Information

    Plate 120x60mm 
    230V, EU Schuko Plug
    Temperature 0° C - 200° C, Time Range 0-999Sec.
    2x Fuse, User Manual in es
    2 Years Warranty from Invoice Date

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