Rosin Press Bag 12x6.5cm (Pack 10 units) - SKULLSKREENS

Rosin Press Bag 12x6.5cm (Pack 10 units) - SKULLSKREENS

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Rosin Press Bag 12x6.5cm (Pack 10 units)

Product details

36 microns description

Usually for kief or bubble hash, will give you a good yield with excellent quality. Mainly used for super dry out material. For flower you will get a small yield but the best possible quality.

 Manufactured for Small presses.

90 microns description

Referred to as the middle man in micron mesh, good for both flower and Kief/bubble hash. For flower and trims the bags produce good yield and excellent quality. Kief and bubble hash produces good yield with exceptional quality.

Manufactured for Small presses.

160 microns description

Mainly for trims and flowers with excellent yield and good quality. Kief and Bubble hash is not recommended for this size micron your return will be an ok yield and ok quality.

 Manufactured for Small presses

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